Calaunt is a city of about 86,000 ruled by six Merchant Dukes and a puppet king who is increasingly at odds with his former friends. The result is a city that is ruled by paranoid dictator who is losing more control ever day to the merchant houses and the Shadowcloaks. Since the Merchant Dukes have taken control of their respective houses, they have grown into bitter enemies. Each allies with or betrays the other as the circumstances permit.

By outward appearances, Calaunt compares poorly with its neighbors. It lacks the established nobility of Procampur and the prosperous trade of Ravens Bluff and Tantras. But Calaunt has social mobility that Procampur lacks and there are many opportunities for wealth that have yet to be exploited. Further, Calaunt has been targeted by outside forces as a possible foothold into the Heartlands of the Realm. Mulmaster, the Red Wizards of Thay, and the Zhentarium all battle each other to twist the city to their aims.





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