Tales of the Twilight City

Into the Hills

Starting date: Tarsakh 15, 1367
Session Dates: September 2 and September 16, 2012

The party emerges from the sewers and returns to their hovel to lick their wounds. During this time, Sierra identifies a number of the items found in the slave pits while the clerics heal the party with cure spells. The party tortures their orc prisoner but he proves resilient to their attempts to pry information from him.

On Tarsakh 16, Grimner charms the orc with a spell. The party learns that the orc came over as a captive to the city and, from there, was brought to the gladiator pits in Steelmeet. A tattoo on his arm indentifies him as a member of the Broken Wheel fighting school. After surviving several fights, the orc was “rescued” and offered the chance to enslave humans. While charmed by Grimner, the orc is frequently aggressive to the other PCs. Grimner does little to dissuade the orc from attacking his fellow PCs and soon the orc is dead. The party spends the rest of the day healing and selling their loot.

The night, a quartet of gargoyles sets upon the hut. The creatures explain they are there for Garreth and plan to take the necromancer to their master. The PCs resist and slay the gargoyles.

On Tarsakh 17, the PCs buy an apartment in Scabberton through Lye Hazzlebottom. The apartment is a small four-room affair in a three-story building several blocks south of the Night Spire. Before leaving their hovel, however, the party sends off the surviving Bashers with instructions that they should investigate the hideout of the Low Lizards, the street gang that last attacked the PCs.

Sierra takes Darren Gendessen back to his father, Stenton Gendessen. The PCs wait back in an alley as Sierra casts ESP before accompanying Darren inside. Coming upon Stenton in the library, Sierra realizes quickly that the sight of Darren rouses thoughts of frustration and disappointment in Stenton’s mind.

Darren explains that he plans to marry Sierra, a plan which Stenton regards with great suspicion. When asked about Darren’s whereabouts, Sierra explains that the Temple of Tempus attacked Darren and that she was keeping him underground for his own safety. Stenton is still suspicious but nevertheless invites Sierra to a feast to be held on Mirtul 8. Sierra leaves as the ESP spell winds down and the PCs head back to their house.

On Tarsakh 18, the party decides to go to the location marked on the map found in the Slave Pits. The party is attacked en route by goblins who manage to kill More Gorey’s pony. After the goblins are driven off, Garreth raises the pony from the dead and More Gorey proceeds on a skeletal mount.

The party begins heading into the foothills on the end of Tarsakh 19. While keeping watch, Celestia hears noises coming from outside the campsite. Sneaking out, Celestia comes upon a young woman with torn clothes hiding behind a tree. Celestia takes the woman back to the campsite.

The woman identifies herself as Morwin Ellisar and explains she is a noble of Tantras who was visiting friends in Calaunt when she was kidnapped, a claim that seems dubious. Morwin says she escaped from a fort several hours distant and begs the PCs to take her back to the Calaunt. Morwin says the camp is led by a hideous woman named Markessa who experiments on the prisoners and who is served by a huge blind warrior named Icar. Morwin also heard that the hobgoblins refuse to guard the second story of the fort’s curtain wall because it is supposedly haunted. The party agrees to let her spend the night in their camp.

Several hours later, Grimner is alerted to some noises while on watch and wakes his companions as three hairy, stooped men step into the firelight. They demand the woman who they seem to regard as their prey. When the PCs refuse, the newcomers change into boar/man creatures and attack. The PCs slay the wereboars with their magical and silvered weapons.

The next morning the PCs refuse to take Morwin back to town and so she heads back by herself. The PCs continue towards the fort. Celestia takes out the spyglass when they are within viewing distance and note that the place is crawling with hobgoblins. Rather than take their chances with a small army, the PCs decide to ambush Alascartha whom they expect to be heading to the fort on Tarsakh 24.

The party finds a point on the road that serves as a natural bottleneck. After killing some of the local fauna (3 large bears and 4 bear cubs), the party begins preparing an ambush. Sierra keeps watch with the spyglass as they do so. At one point, a patrol of gnolls comes down the road. The PCs ambush and kill the gnolls.

On Tarsakh 24, a caravan approaches. It consists of ten mounted knights with lances and a carriage drawn by two draft horses. Garreth and Grimner incapacitate a number of horsemen with spells before the others engage in melee. A wizard jumps up from the caravan and casts a fireball before he is pin-cushioned by Celestia’s arrows. Grimner and More Gorey engage the main body of horsemen and More Gorey is grievously wounded by a lance. Gimble draws one of the horsemen to him and jumps alongside the knight, stabbing at him with his longtooth dagger. An archer emerges from the carriage but is driven back by Garreth’s spell. Eventually the horsemen are all killed, including those who served as advance scouts.

Heading into the carriage the PCs find the elven archer. The dwarves each charge in while Gimble drops from the ceiling, delivering the killing below. The carriage holds a chest to which the mage held the keys. Gimble and Celestia search the chest for traps and finding none, Gimble attempts to open the chest. A tiny needle springs out, pricking Gimble’s finger. In an instant, he falls dead.

Garreth opens the chest and finds a cobra inside. He puts the cobra to sleep before killing it. The only other thing in the chest is a note from Alascartha to Markessa explaining that the “gift” is in return for all the threats which Markessa made to Alascartha, should the latter fail to fulfill the deal.

The party travels back to Calaunt with loot loaded in the wagon as well as the dead body of their friend. Gimble is taken by the Shadowcloaks who agree to raise him. While he survives the process, the priests require that, in return for their aid, that Gimble free one of their number from “the Wheel,” a great dwarven prison built into the side of a mountain.


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